A virtual classroom

MTS Online School is a virtual classroom accessed via the internet. You can connect with other students and our expert teachers, wherever you are in the world. All our online classes are taught live in real time.

We have classes for adults and children. You will study in a small group with students from other countries, so you can only communicate with each other in the language you are learning. You will make new friends and learn about other cultures!

Native teachers

Our classes are taught by native language teachers. You, or your child, will learn through interaction and conversation. You will learn to speak with a proper native accent!

We have highly qualified teachers working for us, most of whom are also examiners for various examination boards. Some of our teachers have decades of teaching experience. Some have also published language course books and are teacher trainers.

Convenient and affordable

Our online classes supplement school lessons or work, taking place at convenient times of the day and week. Because lessons are online and you don’t have to travel to a classroom, they are very affordable. All classes are recorded so you can watch them back if you miss a lesson.

An accredited course

After one year of lessons, you will receive a certificate of attendance to show that you have completed a language course with an accredited UK-based language school.

You can also opt to take an official exam at the end of your course, assessed by an examiner.

How it works

We take new students at the beginning of every month. You pay in advance on a monthly basis. You can cancel your subscription by giving us a month’s notice.

We teach classes in three age groups:
10-13 years old
13-18 years old

£40 per month for 1 hour a week
£60 per month for 2 hours a week

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